Secret and Automated Software Based
Trading Method Reveals Step by Step …
ATTENTION TRADERS: Secret and Automated Software Based Trading Method Reveals Step by Step …
“How to Easily and Effortlessly Find Hidden Stock Trades Ready to Blow Sky High!”
“How to Easily and Effortlessly Find Hidden Stock Trades Ready to Blow Sky High!”
Introducing the most Innovative and Unique Trade Alert Service on The Planet, That Gives You Inside Knowledge on Huge Market Swings BEFORE They Happen!
Introducing the most Innovative and Unique Trade Alert Service on The Planet, That Gives You Inside Knowledge on Huge Market Swings BEFORE They Happen!
Attention Stock, Option and Crypto Traders...
Introducing The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence ONE CLICK...
That Finds Stock and Crypto Plays Ready to EXPLODE!
Attention Stock, Option and Crypto Traders...
Its The Ultimate...
Just Click Your Mouse!
Find Stocks and Crypto Plays Ready to EXPLODE!
October, 2018
Dear Trader...

Have you ever turned $1,000 into $12,500 on a single trade? 

Ever done it on 2 trades in a row, back to back, in just 2 weeks?

$25,000 in your pocket in just 2 hours of trading! 

That’s about $12,500 an hour! (It’s exhilarating!)  

25 Times Your Money in a SNAP!

Its crazy to consider, but imagine a few trades like that every single month. 

'Barn-buster trades' that turn $1,000 into $10,000 or more...

To say you'd be hitting your financial goals is an understatement. 

Here’s a true story about how that happened to me, and how I now do it A LOT, plus how it changed my life forever - and how you can COPY my techniques and get similar results for yourself. (On a regular basis, just like I do!) 

But before the 'Big Reveal' lets be honest with each other...
Finding winning trades regularly is not easy...

Sure, anyone can stumble onto a winner now and then, but grabbing big moves on a consistent basis is just getting more and more difficult. 

I used to get so ‘ticked’ watching all my stops get hit, all that work and research and technical analysis down the drain.  

Even worse, when my trades would begin to show promise initially, but then for no apparent reason just head south for my stops, AGAIN! 

It was so frustrating. 

And it seemed like the more I educated myself at picking winners, the worse I actually got at finding them. 
I remember one day years ago, looking at my ‘year end statement’ and realizing that I had actually lost money for the year.  

All that time, all that effort, support, resistance, charts, scans… 

Must have been 500 hours or more, and I hadn’t made a dime.

Talk about a wake up call!

The thing is, I loved trading, I just sucked at picking winners consistently.
Then it Happened, $25,000 Fell Into My Lap!
One day, I was in one of dozens of forums I frequent, and I saw a couple traders talking about a specific stock that they believed would make a big move up  "Any time now! 

I lazily took some notes and went about my business visiting several other forums and message boards and found other traders saying the same thing EXACTLY, about the same stock!

It seemed like a handful of people on various Forums were certain this particular stock was about to explode skyward.

There was no doubt in my mind, this was HIGH ODDS.

I did what any curious and frustrated trader would do…

I loaded up on a $1,000 worth of call options right before the market close.

The next morning I grabbed my coffee, headed into my office, kicked the cat out of my chair and excitedly opened up my trading platform to find….

My Account Had “Bloomed” by $12,500 in CASH! :-)

To say I was excited would be an understatement!

I just made a TON of Money, OVERNIGHT, on a trade I put ZERO work, time or effort into.

And here’s the thing…

- No indicator alarms we’re sounding...
- The stock wasn't “In the news”...
- There was no obvious setup on the chart (In fact the chart looked shitty)
- No one gave me a solid tip. (Those never work anyway)

The only clue that this thing was going to explode in profits, were messages from a hand-full of people across a dozen or so forums and message boards.

Was it a fluke, was I just lucky, was it just a coincidence? 

I worried that was the case, so the following week, that was my #1 goal:  DO IT AGAIN!

It was on a Monday, I started scouring 100’s of Forums and message boards.

By Wednesday I found another stock that had similar “Chatter Characteristics” - several people across a handful of platforms all talking about some BIG MOVE about to happen.

This one was an earnings play that “NEVER FAILED!” (They said.)

Similarly this stock had NO “Indicator” bells sounding alarms, it was not in the news, and there was no obvious chart setup or pattern present.

On the surface ANY decent trader would skip this trade in an instant.

But once again, I found a half dozen people, on a handful of forums all saying the same thing...


So, just like last time, right before the market closed, I loaded up on some call options.

The next morning I honestly wasn’t expecting much.

My last trade was amazing, so even a total loss this round would still put me way ahead.

No way in the world I would hit 2 big ones in a row I thought.

I nervously opened my TOS platform, logged in to my account and to my utter and complete shock found I had made an additional...

$12,400 in profits!

I was floored...

I was especially weirded out that this INSANE ROI was almost identical to the last INSANE ROI???

I mean who makes $12,500 then $12,400? Weird right?

Anyway, almost $25,000 in profits on just 2 trades in 2 weeks!

.41 cent options that BALLOONED to $5.20 plus overnight!

It was my best two weeks ever, but it was just the beginning...

Turns out, filtering 100's of Forums and message boards and attempting to corroborate social chatter across authors and platforms is a lot more work than I expected. 

I found myself spending from 10-20 hours of work to find just 1 solid trade.

The ROI remained INCREDIBLE over time, but I was tied to my chair most days for hours on end.  

Even on months where I only found 1-2 trades I still made a killing, but I just knew there had to be a way to cut back on the workload and free up my time.  

I knew that if I could filter 1,000's of stocks to just the 10-20 that were the most highly corroborated, with the most chatter I could cut my research time by 99%.

So thats what I did, I created a FULLY AUTOMATED RESEARCH PROCESS...
Introducing SnoopWire
Introducing SnoopWire
We created SnoopWire to do all the hard work.

Now instead of searching dozens of forums, message boards and social sites for highly corroborated trade setups and ideas...

SnoopWire Does It ALL automatically!

With one-click of your mouse,  SnoopWire filters and sorts from 150 forums, message boards, Twitter, Stock Twits and more and delivers a list in ascending order according to cross author and cross platform corroboration., 

So instead of searching through 1000's of stocks, we simply search through 10-20.

Now, what used to take 10-20 hours takes just a few minutes!
SnoopWire Scanner Interface
Once you identify compliant low risk price action in the SnoopWire top 10-20, you simply look to the commentary for clues about direction!  The gains you see were achieved with OTM call options!
Our users think so...
Our users think so...
99% in 3 Days!
73% in a Day!
$2,500 on TSLA in 3 Days!
1,583% Overnight!
99% in 3 Days!
73% in a Day!
$2,500 on TSLA in 3 Days!
1,583% Overnight!
And Now We've
Added Crypto...
Check out  the Incredibly Accurate Artificial Intelligence
Multi-Server Fed Crypto-Predictor...
And Now We've Added Crypto...
Check out  the Incredibly Accurate Artificial Intelligence
Multi-Server Fed Crypto-Predictor...
And now we have a BTC predictor...

Our proprietary 'Crypto Predictor'  uses 4 Artificial Intelligence Algorithmic Prediction Servers that filter into a single "Speedometer Style" indicator giving you Buy and SELL signals that have averaged 93% accuracy since inception.

Our servers are managed by a our Team of Russian Crypto Trader/Programmers who closely monitor the signals and have the ability to 'manual override' and assign weight to ONE of the 4 A/I server models based on which A/I model they believe to be most accurate. 

We have found this A/I prediction method to be extremely reliable and accurate over time.
You'll receive approximately 8-12 BTC alert a month LIVE giving you ample notice on all the big BTC moves right before they happen. 

The Crypto Servers Track...

- BTC Buy / Sell Pressure
- Total BTC Volume
- Key ALT Coin Volume
- Total Crypto Market Cap.
- Combined MKT Exchange Volume
- 24th Transactions on Blockchain Network
- Key Technical Indicators and MA's
- And other propietarty indicators

You will never again wonder when you should be paying attention to BTC, and your timing will be near perfect. (The Alerts go right to your phone or device!)
Your BTC scanner is always humming in the background, if you're quiet enough you'll actually hear it! :-) Simply click on Crypto Predictor and you get this... (Be sure to setup your BTC alerts so you get instant mobile notifications! 
You'll Make a Killing!
You'll Make a Killing!
A Complete Package for Traders!
A Complete Package for Traders!
It doesn't matter if you are a Long Term or a Short Term Trader, or whether you like to trade Stocks, Options or Crypto. 

With SnoopWire you're simply 'a click away' from the best trade setups and ideas the markets have to offer.

You can use the alerts as an ideal low risk start to a longer term play, OR trade the alerts, ideas and setups short term, YOUR CALL!

AND when it comes to Bitcoin, you'll never wonder again, when you should get in or out! 

With a little help from The SnoopWire Crypto Predictor, you'll look like a SUPER-STAR every time you trade!

There isn't a service like it ANYWHERE!
Here's How It Works...
Powerful NSA Surveillance Technology coupled with Artificial Intelligence Gives Small Investors and Traders SUPER Advanced Notice of All Large Stock Options and Crypto Moves in ADVANCE!
Click 1 Button, Legally and Intelligently SPY on 100's of Smart Traders and...
PLUS: Let our Powerful Artificial Intelligence Algorithm lead you to Insanely Profitable CRYPTO Trades right BEFORE they Explode!
Copy Their Best Ideas!
Get Instant Access!
The Ultimate Stock and Crypto 
Scanner and Alerts in ONE!
The Ultimate Stock and Crypto 
Scanner and Alerts in ONE!
So let me tell you how we recently profited 688% on one trade, 1,009% on another AND 745% on yet another, all with the help of this simple easy to use software AND, ALL IN THE SAME WEEK!

Not only that, but you'll also see how we get a 93% success rate on our BTC trades up to a DOZEN times a month! 

AND…if you think these are isolated cases you’d be dead wrong because in the many months since then, we've cleaned up with dozens of back to back weeks of over 1,000% per week!

I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it certainly won't hurt to hear me out.

I should also add, that we DO NOT MAKE 1,000% EVERY WEEK, but we do it a lot, and if you know what to look for, you too will begin to see results equally as remarkable. 

In the next few minutes,  I’m going to reveal the Secret Technological Breakthrough we used to deliver these Alpha Crushing Returns, and I'll also show you how we are using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to get a jump on Crypto Moves right before they happen!

Better yet – we’re going to hand you the keys to our entire system – so you can start seeing 2x, 3x and even 10x returns of your own! 

Not just once or twice – but on a regular basis.  

You'll quickly find trades like this every week...
Over 300% In a Snap!
Over 300% In a Snap!
SnoopWire Scans 1000’s of Stocks For You And Gives You A List Sorted and Assigned Weight According to Mentions and Cross Platform Chatter!
All you need to do is focus on the top of the list!
I’m getting ahead of myself a little here but its important that you understand how simple this is.

You just click a button that says “Start Scanner” and SnoopWire does all the work for you.

You get a highly corroborated list where the top of the list represents the most talked about stocks by the most authors across the most platforms. 

Our scanner filters out the noise and brings only the best potential candidates to the top of the list. 

This way you're privy to the best stocks, with the best potential for massive gain, in minutes instead of hours!
4 Artificial Intelligence Servers 
Give You Crypto Alerts With 93%+ Accuracy!
When it comes to BTC trades we use a simple speedometer, it looks like this, but dont let the simplicity of this indicator fool you, it may be EASY TO USE, but the complex nature in which the signal is generated from will BLOW YOU AWAY!
The SnoopWire Crypto predictor looks at 32 data points that we believe are the most likely indicators to establish strong buy or strong sell signals.  

Additionally, the predictor uses artificial intelligence to not only look forward but also BACK at its own history of predictions, to more accurately predict the next signal!

The results speak for themselves.

Here's some of what the predictor looks at for forecasting buy and sell signals:
  •  BTC Price Changes
  •  BUY/SELL Pressure
  •  Other ALT Coin relationships
  • BTC Volume
  •  Other ALT Coin Volume
  •  Total Crypto Market Cap
  •  Total Crypto Volume with Combined Exchanges
  •  Blockchain Transactions and Other Channels
  •  PLUS: A Handful of Important Technical Indicators and Moving Averages.
Combine that with our propietary Artificial Intelligence, and you...
Get CRYPTO  Trade Alerts Like This...
Get CRYPTO  Trade Alerts Like This...
Get BTC Alerts w/ 93% Accuracy!
4 A/I servers watch over 32 data points and each are programmed to "Anticipate" the next BTC move.  

Over a 12 month period our servers collectively we're 93% accurate predicting a 5%+ move on BTC. 

Think about that.  This "push" away from your stop and in you're intended trade direction has the power to slash your risk and put more profits in your pocket than you ever dreamed possible.  

As you can see in the 30 day window above, some of these moves we're small and some were large, but either way, the profits flowed! 
Investment Banks Like Goldman Sachs Use Powerful Supercomputers & High Frequency Trading Algorithms YOU Don’t Have!!
Computerized trading dominates Wall Street.

Between 50-70% of all trades executed on the NYSE are done by High Frequency Traders executing complex algorithms – faster than ANY human

Then you have quant traders and specialized hedge funds that spend MILLIONS to have MIT and Harvard computer science geniuses help them predict the market.
"50-70% of All Stock Trades Are Done By Computers!" 
This is what a 1 minute FRENZY of High Frequency Trading Executions look like…
Even traditional companies like Reuters are now offering news sentiment analysis services that can parse articles for trade signals within milliseconds.

By the time you’ve read the headlines, the big boys have already bought or sold and positioned themselves for the win. So when you show up, the party’s over...
They’ve Got An Unfair Advantage!
You can’t compete with Goldman Sachs and Wall Street head on. Not by yourself, not without some kind of edge. 

If you try, they’ll rip your face off.

If you want to achieve a real breakthrough, you need to turn the tables. You need to stop trading like a regular flesh and blood human, with regular flesh and blood limitations. 

You Need Your Own Unfair Advantage 

You need to start trading like Wall Street. You need to find a way to sift through all the noise, all the data and all the potential trades to quickly and reliably identify the winners. 

How do you do that?
Believe It Or Not:
Predicting The Stock Market Is A LOT
Like Predicting The Next 9/11
In both cases you’ve got thousands of variables, and millions of pieces of intelligence to sift through and understand.

In both cases you’ve got highly connected insiders who possess valuable information – which they can’t allow to leak to the public. 

** And in both cases those connected insiders STILL communicate with each other on public forums, message boards and social media**
That's Why We Copied The NSA, So You  Can Beat Them At Their Own GAME!...
That's Why We Copied The NSA, So You
Can Beat Them At Their Own GAME!...
Hey, if the NSA can monitor AL-Qaeda communications and predict potential terrorist plots, can’t we use the same technology to predict stock movements?
If Chatter Can Predict Al Qaeda Plots, It Can Also Predict The Next Chart Shattering Stock Move!
As it turns out, you absolutely can use the same surveillance tools to track the ‘chatter’ of Wall Street’s most connected investors.

It’s already being done by a handful of clever financial start-ups.
And it’s exactly what we’ve been doing, with SHOCKING RESULTS!
We re-purposed NSA surveillance technology to analyze the online communications of some of the world’s most active and informed investors and traders in real time.

Cutting the time required to apply this technique by 99%!

With this technology we can generate signals on stocks we may NEVER have noticed – alerting us to opportunities BEFORE they hit the headlines

Opportunities that return 2x, 3x, and even 10x on trades over crazy short time periods!
CASE STUDY: Chipotle Mexican Grill
688% GAIN!
$650 Calls @ $2.47 to a Whopping $16.90 for a 688% Return in Short Order!
CASE STUDY: Twitter – 1000% GAIN!
CASE STUDY: Priceline -460% GAIN!
We’re Going To Give You The
NSA Surveillance Edge for Your
Stock and Crypto Trades!
We’ve been using this technology in private for the last 4 1/2 years, and we’ve experienced its breakthrough results first hand. Some of those results we’ve now shared with you.

Now you can use SnoopWire to dominate your stock, option and crypto trades...
The Worlds First and Smartest Stock Chatter Search Engine, 
and BTC Artificial Intelligence Predictor!
Uncover Killer Trades in Just A Few Clicks!
Each morning the platform gives you a weighted list of stocks that are actively being mentioned on Twitter, blogs, Stock Twits and Forums and message boards across the Internet.  Over 150's sources all compiled and in weighted ascending order. 

You can read the individual tweets, blog posts, comments and messages for each stock to get vital clues about direction and timing. You’ll know exactly which way to bet, and when. 

This list is updated in real time, with fresh data every 30 seconds, so you’ll never miss a trade.

PLUS: The SnoopWire Crypto Predictor is monitoring over 32 data points 24 hours a day and providing you with Expert Level Buy/Sell entry signals for BTC!

You'll ALWAYS have the best trading ideas, setups and alerts at your fingertips - ALWAYS.
The Biggest Market Movers in 1 Single Click!
*** Simply log-in and watch the software work. Currently it goes out to over 150 sources and pulls in all the chatter. It organizes stocks by number of mentions and assigns weight according to cross platform corroboration.
A Super Hot List, and Just a Few Clicks
To Complete Research…
You can click on the symbol to see related messages. You can click on messages to see the entire message. 

With “1 Click” you get the weighted list and “2 Clicks” to see the actual research. All their hard work, at your fingertips with just a few clicks!

Want a history of what SnoopWire has found, or a sneak peak at industry information – DONE ! 

All in a matter of seconds!
See For Yourself...
Stocks and Option Alerts
 Crypto Alerts!
You get It All...
What's Un-Restricted Full Access
to This Technology Worth?
What's Un-Restricted Full Access
to This Technology Worth?
This is powerful proprietary technology, and it didn’t just spring into existence overnight.

We invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and over 5 years to develop and test it. Taking it from a rough proof of concept, to the polished platform you will experience today. 

If you wanted to get the same advantages WITHOUT SnoopWire, you’d have to invest just as much or more for similar results.
Want 2x, 3x and Even 10x Trading
Opportunities on a Consistent Basis?
The real value of this platform isn’t what we invested to build it. It’s real value is in the multiple weekly trade opportunities it will create for you.

Trades like CMG where we earned 688%… 

Or TWTR where we earned 405%… 

Or PCLN where we earned 460%… 

Or FB where we earned 78%… 

And Consistent, Easy, Weekly Double Digits in Crypto! 

You could have easily earned thousands in a few days on any of those trades – even with very conservative position sizing. 

So we would have no problem charging you $1,997 for 12 Month access today. It would be worth it, and people would happily pay. 

You won’t have to pay $1,997

Or $1,497

Or even $997

You’ll get unlimited access for only…
Billed Every 30 Days
  • SnoopWire Scanner
  • Crypto Predictor
  • Total Satisfaction 60 Day Guarantee
  • Swing Trading Mastery Bonus
Billed annually, no set up fee.
  • SnoopWire Scanner
  • Crypto Predictor
  • Total Satisfaction 60 Day Guarantee
  • Swing Trading Mastery Bonus
Bonus 'Swing Trade Mastery' $697 Value
Plus in order to practically Guarantee your success, we are throwing in something extremely valuable...
Bonus 'Swing Trade Mastery' $697 Value

Mastering Swing Structure

You can both detect and forecast price movement in the most efficient and accurate manner through swing structure.  In this video we will cover swing structure using multiple time-frames to give you an edge others don't know exists. 

Mastering Swing Trading

Now that you understand and are enlightened by your deep knowledge of Swing Structure, lets go deeper and master it on a whole new level.  No matter what kind of trader you claim to be, you'll find that we're all swing traders at the core!

Mastering Support and Resistance

YES! Back to the basics my friend!  In this video I'll finish you off with support and resistance and how critical it is to combine swing structure and support and resistance together to more perfectly time your trades. 

Mastering Fibonacci Retracements and Extensions

Don't worry, we won't even discuss what Fibonacci is, that's irrelevant. What is important is that Fibonacci is INVALUABLE when looking for additional entry or exit confluence.  Here is my easy 2 step Fibs entry exit "check" that will drastically improve your accuracy when it comes to timing on the entry or exit!

Entry Types, Bounces, Over-Extended Conditions etc...

There are a few types of entries you can make.  Identifying them and separating them is KEY to your long term success.  Some will work better for YOU than others, and you want to gravitate to what works for you. In this final video we will cover the gamut of entry styles and the pros and cons to each as they relate to price action, risk and reward!
Swing Trading Mastery
Critical to your success, the ability to take an alert and turn it into cold hard cash...

We refuse to give you alerts and leave you hanging, because ultimately no matter how great the alerts are, its up to you to time your entries and exits, and that's truly where success or failure happens. 

In this 6 part video series you will elevate your knowledge and ability to take a perfect alert and turn it into a perfect trade. 

From swing structure and swing trading all the way to support and resistance, Fibonacci retracements and extensions and even entry types and risk.

You'll want to go through these videos until you're green in the face because herein lies the keys to you dominating ANY market you set your sights on! 

The Results Speak For Themselves...
Here's What Others Are Saying
About SnoopWire...
Why Can’t I Use My Regular Alert Service?
Your alert service relies on the same overused trading indicators, and the same human stock picking strategies that have been holding you back for years.

They may be better at identifying trades than you – but can they possibly beat the power of thousands of connected investment insiders? 

Because that’s what SnoopWire delivers for you. A single, intuitive platform that analyzes the chatter of the biggest players on Wall Street in real time. Tapping in to sources of information your alert service could NEVER even imagine. 

All at your fingertips, with “One Click” of your mouse, updated automatically every 5 seconds!
Why Can’t I Monitor Social Media, Twitter and 150 Message Boards On My Own?
You can, if you really want to. But why would you want to? With thousands of stocks to monitor, and hundreds of thousands of relevant chatter mentions – it’s impossible for you to personally stay on top of it all.

Not to mention, making effective use of such data is humanely impossible! 

If you want an edge, that’s NOT how you’ll get it. You’ll simply find yourself overwhelmed, and crushed by analysis paralysis – with no winning trades to show for your efforts.
What About The Crypto Alerts How Are They Different?
SnoopWire Crypto Alerts are completely different than anything else out there. 

We use 4 Artificial Intelligence servers with manual over-ride capabilities, meaning if our programmers identify one of our prediciton servers is more accurate over another, we have the ability to add weight to that server.  

There is a 'check-list' of predetermined reasons we may do a manual override, but ultimately this gives us (and you) more profitable and reliable predictions. 

Additionally our servers have a mode of learning intelligence so the servers are always looking back at past predictions to improve future performance. 

Our predictions are as accurate as you will ever get! 

Grab EVERYTHING for just:
Billed Every 30 Days
  • SnoopWire Scanner
  • Crypto Predictor
  • Total Satisfaction 60 Day Guarantee
  • Swing Trading Mastery Bonus
Billed annually, no set up fee.
  • SnoopWire Scanner
  • Crypto Predictor
  • Total Satisfaction 60 Day Guarantee
  • Swing Trading Mastery Bonus
60 Days Total Satisfaction AND: 
Double Your Money Back 'If You
Don't Make a Killing!
Refunds are so easy, just send us an email and say "Hey, this ain't for me!" 

We'll promptly refund your money without question - we're the first to admit this isn't for everyone.  

Maybe you like to work your ass off finding marginally profitable trades, OR maybe things in your life changed and you suddenly find yourself with no real need for stellar profits

Either way you're completely protected.

But we wanted to add something unusual to this guarantee as a bold declaration of how strongly we we feel about the results you'll see. 

So here you go...

** We guarantee that these will be the most reliable and profitable trade alerts you'll ever get from ANYONE or DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK! ** 

You won't find a better guarantee ANYWHER, which FINALLY brings is to this...
It's Decision Time, So Let's
Break This Down For You...
If you ignore this offer, you can go back to trading like a flesh and blood human.

You’ll be stuck with the same performance you’ve been staring at before today. And if you’ve read this far, I can’t imagine you’re excited to do that. 

Or you can step up, and you can pull the trigger on SnoopWire. 

You can start trading like a Wall Street pro. 

You can benefit from NSA level surveillance technology, and the ability to monitor the world’s most active investors in real time, plus you'll get Cray Accurate Crypto Alerts right to your phone. 

You’ll start earning 2x, 3x, or even 10x on trades like we did with WMT, ADSK and FEYE, and several others, just last week. 

You can begin to experience the exhilarating feeling that comes with hitting triple digit block-buster trades that Line Your Pockets with $10's of Thousands of Dollars a Month! 

You'll Never Look Back!

It’s your call.
Mark Deaton

P.S. – Don't let Fear & Doubt control your outcome here. The fact is, you have nothing to lose, we shoulder all the risk.  These kinds of results can change your life, so our advice is,  DREAM A LITTLE, lean on SnoopWire for a few months, and watch what happens!
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DISCLAIMER: Disclaimer: As with anything you trade there is a degree of risk involved. If you cannot afford to risk capital you should not trade. You should only trade with money you can afford to lose – if you cannot afford to lose any money then you should not trade. The information on this page and inside the members area is for information purposes only, no recommendations are made or implied. 

Examples inside the members area are for example, and education purposes only.You should always trade a paper account first before ever using any new technique on real money. -- Keep in mind the result you see on this page are not typical, your results may vary drastically. Your results are directly dependent on your ability to do additional technical analysis and possibly fundamental assessment of the underlying security. 

Please give us a 48 hour notice prior to your 60 day refund day - Regarding refunds: We are glad to provide refunds for 60 days from the time of purchaser however we are not siting around waiting for your emails to come in so if you wait until a day or two before your 60 days is up you may be out of luck. Our merchant service gives us 60 days to process refunds, after that the option is no longer available so we ask for a minimum of 48 hour notice prior to your 60 day refund date.  In order to get "double your money back" we have a small clause.  First off you can get your money back for ANY reason within 60 days, just ask. However if you want to take us up on the double your money back guarantee, the following criteria needs to be met.  You need to make at least 20 trades within a 6 month period that adhere to our Swing Trading Mastery teachings.  You will need to document your trade entry and exit on all your trades so that we can see you're entries are in alignment with our Swing Trading mastery instructions!  Do this and you can't fail!  But if you do, we'll double your $$ back! Guaranteed!