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Monday 21st May 2018

Dear Trader,

You may be skeptical, but…

In This Letter I Reveal How We Did 688% on One Trade, 1,009% in Another AND 745% on Yet another, All Within 3 Days, Plus How You Can Copy Those Results For Yourself on a Regular Basis!

AND…if you think this was an isolated case you’d be dead wrong because in the weeks that followed we cleaned up with several weeks of over 300% per week!

How did we do it you ask? You’re about to find out…

Yes – in only a few short minutes I’m going to reveal the secret technological breakthrough we used to deliver these alpha crushing returns.

I’m also going to tell you how we cracked the secret code of market psychology so we can repeat that result AGAIN and AGAIN.

Better yet – we’re going to hand you the keys to our entire system – so you can start seeing 2x, 3x and even 10x returns of your own! Not just once or twice – but on a weekly basis.

But before we get into it, we have to confront one ugly fact…

The Truth Is – You Suck At Picking Winning Stocks!

It’s okay to admit you’re not hitting your trading or investment targets. You wouldn’t be reading this letter if you were out there dominating the market every day.

And you know what? That’s okay. For a long time I wasn’t either.

Why? Because neither of us are good at picking stocks.,

But It’s NOT Your Fault!

The reality is – almost nobody is good at consistently beating the market.

Too Many Stocks & Too Much Information Means YOU Can’t Beat The Market On Your Own

You might consider yourself a savvy trader, but these are the facts.

As of the first quarter of 2014 there were 10,158 public companies listed on

exchanges in North and South America. There were also 23,175 listed in the Asia Pacific region, along with another 12,204 listed in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

That’s a total of 45,537 stocks you can trade BEFORE we consider more colorful securities,

derivatives and OTC offerings.

Most of it is completely irrelevant. But buried in all the noise are the hidden gems that could unlock your next WHALE of a trade.

Even if you’re only tracking a handful of stocks – how do you sift through all the garbage to find the few nuggets of information gold?

Fact is, If Half the Guys on the Trading Floor are Consistently Wrong, How Can You Expect To Do Better?



I don’t care how smart you are, you can’t keep track of all those plays on your own.

There’s Simply Too Much Information to Track!

Let’s say you ignore MOST of those stocks. Let’s say you only follow a handful of symbols on the DOW and NASDAQ.

You’re still in trouble.

You’re still going to miss the important moves, you either scan everything or just be satisfied with watching a basket of stocks that may or may not provide explosive returns.

Just today our software provides 2 stocks in the top 3 on the list that gave our members…

Over 300% In A Snap!


SnoopWire Scans 1000’s of Stocks For You And Gives You A List Sorted and Assigned Weight According to Mentions and Cross Platform Chatter!

All you need to do is focus on the top of the list!

I’m getting ahead of myself a little here but its important that you understand how simple this is.

You just click a button that says “Start Scanner” and SnoopWire does all the work and your list automatically updates every 5 seconds!!!

People Are Terrible At Predicting Complex Systems!

At the end of the day, people are bad at predicting complex systems. We see patterns where none exist, and we ignore signals that don’t agree with our per-concieved ideas, AND make moves based on emotion.

It’s just what we do, there’s no way around it, its what drives our markets today!

It’s these cognitive biases that led so many ‘smart guys’ to lose it all in 2008.

Investment Banks Like Goldman Sachs Use Powerful Supercomputers & High Frequency Trading Algorithms YOU Don’t Have!

Computerized trading dominates Wall Street.

Between 50-70% of all trades executed on the NYSE are done by High Frequency Traders executing complex algorithms – faster than ANY human.

Then you have quant traders and specialized hedge funds that spend MILLIONS to have MIT and Harvard computer science geniuses help them predict the market.

“50-70% Of All Trades Are Done By Computers”

This is what a 1 minute FRENZY of High Frequency Trading Executions look like…


Even traditional companies like Reuters are now offering news sentiment analysis services that can parse articles for trade signals within milliseconds.

By the time you’ve read the headline, the big boys have already bought or sold and positioned themselves for the win. So when you show up, the party’s over.

They’ve Got An Unfair Advantage YOU
Can’t Beat By Yourself

You can’t compete with Goldman Sachs and Wall Street head on. Not by yourself. Not without some kind of edge. If you try, they’ll rip your face off.

If you want to achieve a real breakthrough, you need to turn the tables. You need to stop trading like a regular flesh and blood human, with regular flesh and blood limitations.

You Need Your Own Unfair Advantage

You need to start trading like Wall Street. You need to find a way to sift through all the noise, all the data and all the potential trades to quickly and reliably identify the winners.

How do you do that?

Believe It Or Not:
Predicting The Stock Market Is A LOT
Like Predicting The Next 9/11

In both cases you’ve got thousands of variables, and millions of pieces of intelligence to sift through and understand.

In both cases you’ve got highly connected insiders who possess valuable information – which they can’t allow to leak to the public.

And in both cases those connected insiders STILL communicate with each other on public forums, message boards and social media.

…So We Copied The NSA’s Solution

It turns out that monitoring public ‘chatter’ on Al Qaeda forums, blogs and message boards is one of the best ways to predict a terrorist attack.

Despite their best efforts, inside information about targets, tactics and timing leaks out. The volume of communication explodes, and you get a huge ‘red flag’ signal.

The NSA knows this, so they actively track those websites and platforms. It’s resulted in some of the most actionable intelligence in the entire War on Terror


But if the NSA can monitor AL-Qaeda communications and predict potential terrorist plots, can’t we use the same technology to predict stock movements?

If Chatter Can Predict Al Qaeda Plots, It Can Also Predict The Next Chart Shattering Stock Move!

As it turns out, you absolutely can use the same surveillance tools to track the ‘chatter’ of Wall Street’s most connected investors.

It’s already being done by a handful of clever financial start-ups.


And it’s exactly what we’ve been doing too with SHOCKING RESULTS!

We re-purposed NSA surveillance technology to analyze the online communications of some of the world’s most active and informed investors in real time.

With this technology we can generate signals on stocks we may NEVER have noticed – alerting us to opportunities BEFORE they hit the headlines.

Opportunities that return 2x, 3x, and even 10x on trades over crazy short time horizons.

CASE STUDY: Chipotle Mexican Grill – 688% GAIN!

$650 Calls @ $2.47 to a Whopping $16.90 for a 688% Return in Short Order!


CASE STUDY: Twitter – 1000% GAIN!


CASE STUDY: Priceline -460% GAIN!


We’re Going To Give You The
NSA Surveillance Edge!

We’ve been using this technology in private for the last 6 months, and we’ve experienced its breakthrough results first hand. Some of those results we’ve now shared with you.

Now we’re finally ready to share the tool that produced those market dominating trades.



The World’s First And Smartest Stock Chatter Search Engine!

Snoopwire goes out to forums and message boards, Twitter accounts and blogs and “listens” to what connected investors are talking about.

These are the most active and informed investors on the planet. What they say matters, and has the potential to move markets. Snoopwire puts their conversations at your fingertips.

All you have to do is click “search” it does the rest.

Uncover Killer Trades in Just A Few Clicks

Each morning the platform gives you a weighted list of stocks that are actively being mentioned on Twitter, blogs and message boards across the Internet.

You can read the individual tweets, blog posts, comments and messages for each stock to get vital clues about direction and timing. You’ll know exactly which way to bet, and when.

This list is updated in real time, with fresh data every 5 seconds, so you’ll never miss a trade.

The Biggest Market Movers in 1 Single Click

Simply log-in and watch the software work. Currently it goes out to over 50 sources and pulls in all the chatter. It organizes stocks by number of mentions and assigns weight according to cross platform corroboration.

A Super Hot List, and 3 Clicks To Complete Research

You can click on the symbol to see related messages. You can click on messages to see the entire message. With “1 Click” you get the weighted list and “2 Clicks” to see the actual research. All their hard work, at your fingertips with just a few clicks!

Want a history of what SnoopWire has found, or a sneak peak at industry information – DONE !

All in a matter of seconds!

See For Yourself…



You Get It All…

What’s Un-Restricted Full Access
to This Technology Worth?

This is powerful proprietary technology, and it didn’t just spring into existence overnight.

We invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over almost a year to develop and test it. Taking it from a rough proof of concept, to the polished platform you will experience today.

If you wanted to get the same advantages WITHOUT SnoopWire, you’d have to invest just as much or more for identical or worse results.

Want 2x, 3x and Even 10x Trading
Opportunities on a Consistent Basis?

The real value of this platform isn’t what we invested to build it. It’s real value is in the multiple weekly trade opportunities it will create for you.

Trades like CMG where we earned 688%…

Or TWTR where we earned 405%…

Or PCLN where we earned 460%…

Or FB where we earned 78%…

You could have easily earned thousands in a few days on any of those trades – even with very conservative position sizing.

So we would have no problem charging you $1,997 for access today. It would be worth it, and people would happily pay.

But today is your lucky day.

You won’t have to pay $1,997.

Or $997.

Or even $497.

You’ll get unlimited access for only…

$67 Monthly

At that price the whole platform WILL pay for itself from a single trade. Everything after that is pure profit.


Here’s a snapshot of some of the powerful testimonials we have received just in the last 60 days…

Here’s What Others Are Saying About


Why Can’t I Use My Regular Alert Service?

Your alert service relies on the same overused trading indicators, and the same human stock picking strategies that have been holding you back.

They may be better at identifying trades than you – but can they possibly beat the power of thousands of connected investment insiders?

Because that’s what SnoopWire delivers for you. A single, intuitive platform that analyzes the chatter of the biggest players on Wall Street in real time. Tapping in to sources of information your alert service could NEVER even imagine.

All at your fingertips, with “One Click” of your mouse, updated automatically every 5 seconds!

Why Can’t I Monitor Social Media & Twitter On My Own?

You can, if you really want to. But why would you want to? With thousands of stocks to monitor, and hundreds of thousands of relevant chatter mentions – it’s impossible for you to personally stay on top of it all.

Not to mention, making effective use of such data is humanely impossible!

If you want an edge, that’s NOT how you’ll get it. You’ll simply find yourself overwhelmed, and crushed by analysis paralysis – with no winning trades to show for your efforts.

Just $67 A Month,
Cancel at Anytime!

Get a feel for SnoopWire for a full 30 days for just $7 bucks,  and if you decide it isn’t for you, you can easily cancel at anytime. AND if you decide to keep SnoopWire your commitment is just month to month at $17 bucks, and you can cancel at anytime.

This is Not Something You Want To Miss…


It’s decision time, so let’s break this down one for you.

If you ignore this offer, you can go back to trading like a flesh and blood human.

You’ll be stuck with the same performance you’ve been staring at before today. And if you’ve read this far, I can’t imagine you’re excited to do that.

Or you can step up, and you can pull the trigger on SnoopWire.

You can start trading like a Wall Street pro. You can benefit from NSA level surveillance technology, and the ability to monitor the world’s most active investors in real time.

You’ll start earning 2x, 3x, or even 10x on trades like we did with FB, WYNN and several others, just this week.

And you’ll never look back.

It’s your call.

With SnoopWire You Get All this
For just $67 Monthly!


You have nothing to lose!!!





Mark Deaton

P.S. – Remember all this is easily done with just a click of your mouse. All you do is click “Scan” and focus your time and attention to the top of the list SnoopWire gives you. SnoopWire will hand deliver the hottest stocks available and it will update you every 5 seconds!

With another click you can get immediate industry insight, see all the chatter, AND do historical searches on SnoopWires history!

There is Nothing Like This Tool Anywhere!